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"All Is Well" - Fan Video

We are planning a small campaign to remind the world that life is great after all! Sometimes things are complicated and everything looks gloomy and then it´s good to have a small voice in your ear that says „all is well“. We want to bring that voice to people's attention again. The best thing is: You can be part of the action. This is how it works:

1. Make a short video (5 – 20sec.) of yourself in a situation or at a place where you really feel that „all is well“. It can show a special activity, your favorite place or food or anything else that makes you feel great. Somehow the words „All Is Well“ should appear in the video. You could hold up a sign or cut it with a knife into a trunk – be creative!

2. Share your video with all your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #alliswell. (If you like use #vivieann as well)

3. Send your video to until June 30th. (If the filesize is more than 10MB use We will combine all videos that are sent to us to a beautiful new music video for „All Is Well“!


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